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Flyover Tutorials.

Show each hole at your course in a way photography can't. 

Why Flyover Tutorials?

Golf Course Marketing Near Me

Engage New Golfers

Videography is proven to engage people faster and for longer than photography. In today's society, still photos don't grab people's attention as well as professional videography, and the research shows it. WIth the influx of new, younger golfers to the sport of golf, how will you grab their attention?

Golf Course Marketing Near Me

Truly Show Each Hole

Show each hole better than a photo ever could. With our drone camera, motion-tracking graphics, and voiceover tutorials, you create an experience that golfers will never forget. 

Golf Course Marketing Near Me

Stay Ahead of the Competition

Today, people have a short attention span, and videos are one of the best ways to capture it.  Course owners recognize this, and It is estimated that over 80% of golf courses will adopt videography by the year 2030. The question is - when will you?

Hole Information

Hole #, Par, Handicap, and yardages. 

Hazard Call-Outs

Yardage to each hazard. 

Shot Call-Outs

Yardage and placement for ideal tee shots.  

Lake Forest Golf Club Tutorial

Club Logo

Your logo on every video.

Map of Each Hole

Helps golfers understand each hole quicker. 

Camera Tracking

Tells golfers where the drone/camera is on the hole. 

Customize your own tutorials and show what you want to show on each hole. 

Flyover Tutorials.

Highly recommend! Professional, creative, and attentive.


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Courses that Stand Out.

We're proud to showcase such an incredible array of clients. 

Pigeon Creek Golf Videography
Pigeon Creek Golf Videography
Chestnut Valley Golf Videography
Chestnut Valley Golf Club Logo
Lake Forest Golf Videography
Lake Forest Golf Videography
Lynx Golf Videography
Lake Forest Golf Videography
Dunham Hills Golf Videography
Dunham Hills Golf Videography

Contact us to set up a call and get a customized quote for your club's video marketing.

Flyover Tutorials start at $2,950


3-Step Process.



We strongly value communication throughout the entire process. By conducting multiple meetings before any filming happens, we ensure both parties are comfortable and confident going into the filming stage. 

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Flyover tutorials typically take four hours to film. We film each hole from tee box to flagstick, and follow the general pace of play of the day.

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We take our compilation of footage and edit it into your own golf course video trailer. We deliver your videos within 3-4 weeks of the filming.

Easy Integration.

QR Codes allow golfers to instantly view your videos anywhere. We recommend putting each flyover tutorial on the tee boxes, golf cart, or scorecard. 

  • How long will it take you to film our course?
    The flyover tutorials typically take about 3-4 hours to film. We are usually at the course from 11am-3pm and follow the general pace of play. The course trailers typically take about 5-6 hours to film. We are usually at the course from 3pm-9pm.
  • Do we need to close down our course on the day of the shoot?
    No, we ask for three consecutive tee times to be reserved around 11am. We then follow the general pace of play.
  • Will our golfers be distracted with a drone and film-crew on our course?
    We absolutely respect the game of golf and do not interfere with any players. Although they may hear our drone at some point, it is nearly indistinguishable from the noise of a nearby golf cart. We operate as a two-man production crew and stay under-the-radar. Most golfers won't even realize we were there that day.
  • After you film our course, how long does it take to deliver the final products?
    Our turnaround time between filming and final delivery is approximately two weeks. We deliver all of the final videos in one Google Drive link, making them easily accessible and downloadable.
  • How do I integrate our new videos to our website?
    We offer an in-depth intergration plan of our videos in order to reach maximum effectiveness on your website, social media, and other platforms.
  • What's this cost?
    Contact us to set up a meeting and learn more about pricing, discounts, and packages.
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